Volunteer Handbook, Safety & Waivers

Safety First!

We strive to have a safe working environment for all Construction Volunteers, and we strongly encourage you to take a brief online safety course, so that all our volunteers will have an eye for safe practices. Follow the instructions and please take the “Volunteering on a Habitat for Humanity Worksite” safety course, or at least watch the 12 minute video below. It just might save a life - possibly yours.

Safety Course

All Volunteers on a construction site must be 16 years of age and are required to sign a Liability Waiver each year. Minors have to have a parent sign a third page of the liability waiver too. You can download the waiver here and bring it with you, or sign it at the work site when you sign-in. A listing of waiver dates is updated monthly and can be found in the sign-in book at the work site. Please check to see that we have a valid waiver for you, when you sign in, and if not, then please renew it.

Minor Liability Waiver Adult Liability Waiver

We ask that you please sign-in and sign-out each time you work to help us keep track of volunteer hours on each project, which will help clarify expectations for first-time volunteers.

Volunteer Handbook