We Need Lunch Volunteers!

Habitat for Humanity of Kokomo has a wonderful tradition of providing lunch to our construction volunteers. You can help us continue this tradition by donating and delivering lunch to the volunteers and workers at the job site. The number of volunteers on site can range from 15-25 on most build days. We are always seeking community-minded people to prepare or purchase lunch and deliver it to the construction site. It's a great way to say Thank You to the people working hard through all types of weather to build a home for a deserving family in our community. 

Habitat for Humanity Lunch Providers Donation

Every Saturday, Habitat for Humanity is out on the build site. Our builds typically place from 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM. One of the unique characteristics that makes Habitat for Humanity of Kokomo special is that we like to provide lunch for all of our volunteers. We would not be able to do this if it weren’t for the generosity of individuals and businesses-such as yours, providing lunches to our volunteers. 

Lunch volunteers work with us to schedule a day when they can bring food and fixings for the hungry crews that work on our construction site. Volunteers have done everything from grilling hot dogs to making lasagna, to purchasing a pizza or serving up sandwiches, chips and fruit. We provide a record of volunteer time and if the donor provides a receipt, a donation acknowledgement that can be used for tax purposes. 

We acknowledge all donations on our website. In addition, we will mention your group through a "Thank You" post on our social media accounts showcasing our appreciation for your support!

Interested in providing a lunch? Give us a call at 765-452-2185 or email us at hfhkokomo@gmail.com!