2X4 Sunday

This is a simple way for faith communities to raise funds to support Habitat’s mission and connect with what we do.

Habitat will supply you with 8 ft. 2X4 boards for your 2×4 Sunday. People are then invited to make a donation to Habitat for the opportunity to write a message of inspiration, a scripture verse, or blessing upon the board that will be used in the actual construction of a Habitat home.

Suggested donations: $35 or more for a whole board or $5 per foot (some boards can be segmented with pencil marks to sell space by the foot)

You will need to have permanent markers on hand for people to use to write on the boards.

Please call the Habitat office, (765) 452-2185, to arrange for a 2x4 Sunday. We will need a name and phone # for a contact person to arrange for their delivery and pick-up following the Sunday(s) event (note: you may want to hold the 2x4 sale over multiple Sundays).

We will also supply some Habitat brochures to share with those who contribute.

Thank you for partnering with Habitat as together we build homes, community, and hope!