Carpenter's Club

Join our Carpenter’s Club and give a donation for every house we build.

The Carpenter’s Club is comprised of individuals who directly support Habitat for Humanity by making a donation each time a house is completed up to five homes per year. This support is very important since it allows for the continual process of projects and keeps our mission moving forward.

When a house is completed you will be notified by mail and invited to the home dedication. We encourage all who help make a home a reality for a new Habitat homeowner to come share in the joy and celebration with us. In the letter you will also be asked to send in your pledge amount so that construction can continue for other potential Habitat homeowners.

Please call the office at (765) 452-2185 if you would like to enroll in our Carpenter’s Club.

Carpenter’s Club Categories

  • The Paint Brush - $25
  • The Shovel - $50
  • The Saw - $100
  • The Square - $250
  • The Golden Hammer - $500+
  • or Any other amount