Home Ownership

Equal Housing Opportunity

Are you tired of renting?

Take the first step toward home ownership by attending an informational meeting.

The next meetings will be held in Fall 2018.  The dates will be posted here as soon as they are scheduled.  These informational meetings are for people interested in becoming homeowners. Attendees will learn about the qualifications and requirements of being a part of the Habitat Homeownership Program. Applications will be handed out at the meeting. You only need to attend one of the meetings.

Selection Criteria:

Families are selected based on level of need, willingness to ‘partner’ with Habitat and ability to repay the loan.

Habitat for Humanity of the Kokomo Community, Inc. selection procedures are non-discriminatory.

Those who are selected for the Habitat program are called a Partner Family. This term denotes the common goal of Habitat working together with the family to build not only a home, but a better tomorrow.

Most of the labor needed to build the homes is done on a volunteer basis.

People from the community, businesses and churches come together with the families to help better our community. The family that the home is being built for is required to help in the building process by investing sweat equity hours. The purpose of the sweat equity hours is not only to help reduce the cost of home, but more importantly to develop pride of ownership.

Income Guidelines:

Family income must fall in the following ranges based on family size. Income is “gross monthly income” and may come from a variety of sources, including wages, disability, child support, as well as other sources. Upper limit is 50% of the median income for Howard County. Lower limit is either $14,900 per year or 30% of the median income for the county.

Gross Monthly Income Limits:

 Family Size Minimum Maximum
 1 - 2 $1,400 $2,075
 3 $1,400 $2,330
 4 $1,550 $2,590
 5 $1,680 $2,800
 $1,800 $3,008