Current Build Project: 

A house rehab project is underway at the house located at 1208 Cadillac Drive West in Cedar Crest subdivision. The previous owner passed away in Spring 2017 and his children donated the house to Habitat Kokomo. After some painting, remodeling of the bathrooms and a few other things, the house will be home to Habitat Partner Family James & Heather DeWitt and their two sons.

The next new build for Habitat Kokomo begins on April 21, 2018.  The house will be built on the lot located at 805 East North Street. Please see the link below to access the online sign-up.  Please sign up for the dates when you are available to build. This helps us to have an idea of how many to expect for lunch and also for the type of work we might try to get done on a given work day.  

Click here to access the sign-up for the house build at 805 E. North St.